Samsung rs2555sl The fridge has stopped cooling - power is getting to it and the freezer part is still working. hi, Samsung rs2555sl Side by Side Refrigerator the fridge(fresh food) the problems frozen up the evaporator i did unpluged the fridge 2 days and the same problem still getting warm so it could the fan not working or the tempurature or some thing els please let me know thank you Regards, tin huynh

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19 Nov, 2006

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You say the evaporator is freezing up? If the defrost timer, defrost heat element or defrost t-stat isn't working then you will not have a defrost cycle. That can cause a freeze up. As for the warm side frige, that could be the fan isn't circulating the cold air to the frige section, the air dampers are not working properly, the air channels themselves are frozen shut so you won't have air "circulation" flow. Can you feel cold air being blown into the frige area with the freezer door closed? If you open the freezer door does the air flow now? Also can remove the back panel cover in the freezer section and look at the evap. coils to see if there is a full even frost pattern on all the coils (is good) or if there is a sudden stop to the frost pattern and bare coils showing (is bad).
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