Control buttons inconsistent The control buttons appeared to have become worn out. They do not work unless you press very hard and hold for some length of time, however this is still not a consistent method. I replaced the keypad board under the buttons and the new board did the exact same thing. I am wondering what is the next avenue of repair/attack? Thank you.

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Usually the buttons themselves are the problem. The little contacts on them that connect the gold terminals on the board you replaced get dirty or wear out. If you are not getting any erratic operation (up and down on its own or locking itself in child lock etc. ) then I'd bet you just need a row of buttons to go with your new board. just as a note, the control boards down below are quite failure prone, so if you are getting any other weird operation, i would suspect that instead. they have redesigned the entire board to be more reliable, if that tells you anything. Hope this helps.
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