Fan in/on dishwasher keeps running - even after cycle is finished I bought a house that has the 1885/1895 dishwasher. For the past 3 years the washer has run like and charm... still is. But now the fan on the inside of the door (behind a panel in the upper left) will not shut off. I've tried running the whole cycle - still won't shut off. Flipping the breaker - and when the power comes back on - the fan comes right back on. I've tried clearing out the settings - the fan still won't shut off. It has been running none stop for 3 weeks now and makes me crazy. Can you please offer a solution? Thank you.

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I have seen this problem before and there are only 2 things you can do about it. 1: take the outer panel off the door to gain acess to the wiring and unplug the fan (it will have a slight negative effect on the drying, but not too much) or 2: replace the control board. The part is about $350-$450 (depending on which board it takes) and that doesn't even include the labor if you cant do it yourself. The only place I know of to get parts for these in the U.S. is american appliance 303 777 0993. If the unit is less than 5 years old, the board is still covered under a parts warranty. Look at your serial nuber on the inner edge of the door to determine when it was built. The first two digit are the year it was made ( so an 01 would be 2001 etc) and the second two digits are the week (so 45 would be the 45th week of the year) HOpe this helps!
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