Computer freeze on saving files to USB 2.0 External Hard Drive (and USB2 flash drive) Installed above card. Device Manager reports no problem. When copying files to external USB 2.0 hard drive, or USB 2.0 flash drive, saving will begin and then computer freezes. If copying from external hard drive to C drive, no problem and saving is at high speed. I have disabled the onboard USB and rebooted but the result is still a computer freeze. I have used the Microsoft drivers and then the Belkin drivers but the result is still a computer freeze. Checking the error log, I always find an entry:- The NEC PCI to USB Enhanced Host Controller service failed to start due to the following error: The system cannot find the file specified. This error report appears after the computer freezes. It also appears after bootup even though I have not used a USB device. If I revert back to the onboard USB 1.1 there is no problem in using the external hard drive or any other USB device.

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10 Jun, 2017

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okay, well there is some missing information, such as Os. That would help.
So here's what we have:
USB 2.0 hub
Copy from external drive to host machine works.
Copy from host machine to external drive freezes, error log reports failure of service start because the system cannot find the specified file.
Now here are my questions:
1. Does the copy freeze at the same file every time when copying host to external?
2. When you reboot and look at the external drive are the files copied before the freeze there on the drive? Does the file it freezes on appear on the usb drive?
3. About how much gets copied (number of files and total memory) before the freeze.
4. You have a 5 port card, does the drive behave the same way on every port? Is anything else plugged into the card?
5. Did you try disabling windows power management of the USB root hub in the device manager(Universal Serial bus controllers/USB Root Hub/properties/power management, uncheck the "Allow the computer to turn off this device..." ) and configuring the drive(device manager/ disk drives/ the drive in questions properties/ and the click on the optimize for Quick removal) for no write caching?
6. Also try looking in the device manager at the drivers driver details and verify that the installed drivers are actually where details window says they are.
7. Have you tried running other devices on this card i.e. webcam, mouse or keyboard or some other usb device? There may be a problem with the card its self and replacing it would fix the problem.
8. The biggie... Have you tried installing this card in another computer to see how it works? It is possible the Belkin card is not working well with the chipset on your motherboard.

It is quite odd the you can copy files to the computer but not back out.
I hope my questions and observations lead you to a happy outcome.

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