Not turning ON, fuse blows. This TV was working fine, until one day not long ago it just did not turn on anymore. I thought it was the remote, but the ON button did not work either. I opened the back cover and found a small fuse that was blown, went to the Hardware store and bought another fuse (125V/5Amp, got home, replaced the old one, as soon as I pluged the power cord in the outlet, the fuse blew again. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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In most cases, it is either a shorted component in the power supply or a shorted horizontal output transistor. It will take experienced electronic troubleshooting to fix it. TVs have lethal voltages (both 110V and 25,000V kind) and improper repair can result in shock, injury, or the emission of X-rays by the TV! Be safe and either replace the set or have a shop work on it for you. I'm a tech with over 25 years of experience, by the way. I appreciate honest rating of this reply if you find it helpful.
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