Freezer not freezing, water in freezer The freezer does not seem to be freezing the contents and water is forming from the contents defrosting. Water is leaking down from the freezer to the floor. Not sure if the thermostat is working and since the manual lacks any detail, I'm not even sure where to find the thermostat or how to tell if it's broken, and how to fix. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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13 Nov, 2006

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The frige may be stuck in defrost mode. If the compressor and condensor fan are not running then it is likely in defrost mode. If the compressor is running continuously then there may be a leak in the sealed system where the refrigerant is low or gone. There is a tech sheet located in the very bottom area of the frige (behind the lower vent and in a plastic holder usually). Pull that lower front vent off and use a flashlight to find the tech sheet for any troubleshooting help and were the defrost timer is. Sometimes you can use a flat blade screwdriver to advance the timer past the stuck spot and get it working again. As for checking for a sealed system problem you would need to pull the back wall cover off the freezer section to view the coils. Normal frost pattern would be all the coils covered with a light white frost. If the frost pattern suddenly stops and bare aluminum coils are showing there may be a plug or leak in the system. It's not too often that the new thermistors (your thermostat control) go out. To check you could short across the t-stat to see if you can force a compressor run or take the leads off the thermistor and check the ohm value with a multimeter.
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