Sony CyberShot DSC-W30 Access Error Hey there...just got our camera today. We bought it and it has been a display model. When we turn the camera on the only thing that comes onto the a black screen with the word ACCESS on it. We can't get it to take any pictures or get anything to show up in the LCD. We can get to the blue menu screen. Does ANYONE know what is going on with this camera? Could someone please help.

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16 May, 2015

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Same issue, someone gave me this camera because of it :) So I had nothing to loose trying these tips, even if I had enough tools to dismount it, it's very risky to dismount this kind of HW, mainly when you have tiny electromechanic parts. Tapping in my hand or on a book did not work, tapping it on a wooden table while the zoom operates made it work fine ! But how long ? (I'll try to use it avoiding any kind of hard shock on this fragile case). Good deal for me if it keeps working as the battery is almost new (a sony G model) and I got a 2 GB MS pro duo with it. Thanks for all your tips !

Here's a shot taken just after as a proof :p

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