Amana Distinction side by side Ice machine quit working several months ago .. water doesn't make it to the machine it just flows right out of the bottom. I've tried to trace the line into the guts of the fridge but I can't find any wetness so I cannot determine where the water is coming from. Now the freezer and fridge are not cooling. I have a build up of frost on the lower part of the freezer but it won't get cold enough to create ice cubes. I have cleaned the front and back vents to make sure dust isn't impeding air flow but that doesn't seem to be the problem either ... HELP Thanks, JHampton

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09 Nov, 2006

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When you say flows out of the bottom do you mean on the floor of the kitchen? Not cooling can be a sealed system problem if it happens in both fridge and freezer. The frost build up could be due to low refrigerant levels in the system. If possible, turn off the frige for a few days with the doors open to thaw any problem areas. Remove the lower panel in the freezer section to view the coil area. Turn the unit back on and watch for a "white frost" pattern on those coils. The pattern should be uniform and even across the whole coil area. If the frost suddenly stops on a coil (the rest are not frosted) you likely have a leaky system and a loss of refrigerant. This would be worst case. Unit must have about 17 degrees (or colder) to make ice (with water of course.... Sort of sounds like a couple different problems at the same time.
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