Whirpool Side by Side Ice Dispenser Freezes up I manage a rental for a friend and the tenants have been complaining of ice build up on the inside door where the ice dispenses through the shoot and on the inside of the freezer compartment where the ice maker is located. I suspect that the flap isn't sealing when dispenser is used creating air sipage and the ice buildup. The model number is ED250FXHW02 but can not locate that model number on any web site that I have researched. Any suggestions on how to approach this problem? Or, where I could find a repair model that would help me understand the dispenser system? v/r 3d

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Think you have it figured out. Just had a similar problem. The flap leaked air (moisture) up into the area which then froze. Then the customer chipped it out with a knife and not only damaged the flap seal worse but also made the chute area rough from the knife tip "burrs" in the plastic chute. A new flap door with factory seal along with sanding down the burrs cured the problem. Spraying something food grade like Pam cooking spray (very lightly) will aid in the ice cube/crushed ice to slide down the chute better. With any refer, keep the moisture out or it WILL freeze up stuff.
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