Help with big extreme disk partition access. hoping you can help withn this one: Lacie bigger disk extreme 1TB partitioned into 2 drives on older OSX Panther. Now on new version 10.4.8. only one of the partition is accessible. Second partition is visible in Disk Utillity but dimmed. When runnning repair mode it says the following: Verifying volume ?ATHOS? Checking HFS Plus volume. Checking Extents Overflow file. Checking Catalog file. Invalid key length_ The volume ATHOS needs to be repaired. Error: The underlying task reported failure on exit 1 HFS volume checked Volume needs repair Mount Point : Not mounted Capacity : 465.6 GB (499,984,637,952 Bytes) Format : Mac OS Extended Available : - Owners Enabled : - Used : - Number of Folders : - Number of Files : - So looks like it wont mount. Tried different Firewire cables, even different computers with differing OS-still no joy...

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20 Apr, 2017

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Don't know what operating system your using but in Windows 7 and up it's easy to partition any drive even while windows is running.
Go to --> Control Panel\Administrative Tools\Computer Management\Disk Management and right click - set the size.
You can change it any time as long as whats in it isn't bigger than the size you want to make it. I have a 1 TB in this computer and that's how I did it after discovering that my old drive tools didn't work on this.
For any info on this procedure (or darn near anything you can think off) you can always go to youtube for step by step instructions.
Just watch a few first because some people are better teachers than others.
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