Problem with fresh food side of my refrigerator freezer Dear sir, I have overseas (240 volt)GE Profile Side by Side Model TFG28PFD Refrigerator Freezer. The problem started with the Fresh food side not cooling. The repair man determined that the problem was with the cooling fan located in the freezer section of the unit. The fan was changed and the system seemed to function OK, however, the next morning The upper light bulb in the fresh food section was malfunctioning, It had a dull orange glow and after a short time ceased to function entirely(the bulb is OK). It was also evident that the fresh food section was again not operating. The repair man is unable at this time to determine cause although he suspects it may be a circuit board problem. I would be happy to hear your opinion about this probblem. Regards John Charters.

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10 Nov, 2006

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The bulbs dim glow is a worry, sounds like not enough voltage is getting there. If you are comfortable with a multimeter, check what the voltage is at the bulb socket. If you have a low voltage issue due to say the transformer not working properly then the fan will also have low voltage (or no voltage). No power, no fan, no cooling. I'd suspect there are voltage issues with that transformer, especially since it's a 240 VAC model. A transformer typically steps down the 240 volts to 120 volts for light bulbs and maybe even the fans (or the whole refer). The repair man may be correct in that the transformer is built in to a circuit board but it COULD be a stand alone transformer.
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