Grey haze on all the printouts Hello there, I would be really grateful if someone could suggest what might be wrong. We have changed the image drums and I have just purchased a new black toner and managed to buy a fuser since a friend suggested on his printer (different make) that was the solution. What do you think? A big thanks!

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You should always use Original Equipment replacement drums, fusers and other devices made to the specification of the manufactures product. This will eliminated problems such as lines, blurring, hazes, and modeling. I some cases using other than OEM products can void a MFG Warranty.
I would suggest doing a very thorough cleaning of the interior of the printer. Remove and replace the hardware (Drum/rollers) and start fresh. Once that has been done, the printer will do a reset and start up like new. If it was cleaned properly, all current prints should be perfect. Other than that, any haze or poor reproductions thereafter would be related to a malfunction of the printer itself.
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