ARB2214CB - Condensor is Noisy I have an Amana model no. ARB2214CB with a bottom drawer freezer. My problems started when the seal on the pull-out freezer door was loose at the bottom and went un-noticed. The freezer and fridge went into defrost and I heard a loud buzzing and clicking. The frequency increased, and I reqalized that the freezer was starting to defrost. I removed everything from the fridge and freezer and unplugged the unit. I put the seal back into place, and the unit sat overnight. I plugged it back in, in the morning. ...It was ok for a day and then the noise started again. I have cleaned and vaccuumed everything and pulled the panel off the back of the fridge. The condensor is very noisy and started loud buzzing again, which progressively gets louder, and then 'clicks' off. I have unplugged the fridge again for a few hours and then plugged back in. ...seemed to be ok for a few days, and then buzzing started again. As day goes on, buzzing becomes more frequent and louder. The condensor feels extremely hot. ...also checked behind the back panel inside the freezer and there is no ice build-up. I called a local Amana dealer and they can't trouble shoot over the phone. Can you help?

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22 Oct, 2006

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It sounds as if the thermal limit on the compressor is cutting off power to the compressor when it gets too hot. There could be 3 reasons for this. One, the compressor is just bad...should be covered under the 5 year sealed sytem warranty (if its less than 5 years old of course) if this is the case. Two, the thermal overload and start relay assembly is bad. They are mounted directly to the compressor (big round black thing) and can be changed for about$14 in parts (unplug the unit before replacing!) Three, the fan that runs in the bottom near the compressor that cools the compressor and condenser is jammed or not rotating for some reason. It should run any time the the compressor is running. If it doesnt, it need replaced or the compressor will do exactly what you are describing. Hope this helps!
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