Record Player has minimal sound Hello I recently hooked up a record player to my VR-715 and for the life of me I can't get the volume up. I have re-set everything according to the steps in the manual a number of times to no avail. If you crank the volume it stays at a low level. Anyone know why this is not working? Thanks.

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09 Feb, 2018

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Has the VR 715 got a dedicated phono socket? If so use that. If you are using it, you need to check with the instructions to see if it has an inbuilt Magnetic Cartridge Preamp. If it doesn't then you need a to get a pre-amp to hear it.
If the device was previous giving out good sound then either the cartridge has gone or the same pre-amp inside the unit has failed. It will not affect any other function.
To test the cartridge. Remove the connection wires to it remembering where they connect (write it down). Then with the device on. Switched to phono. Touch the end of each wire with your finger one at a time. You should hear a loud buzz on two of the wires, one on each channel, nothing on the other two wire.
If you get the loud buzz that shows the pre-amp is working and the cartridge needs to be replaced. If you do not get a buzz, or it is very weak. Then the pre-amp has failed and needs replacing.
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