Front load washing machine would not spin now won't wash either. Bosch wff 210l (7 years old)would not spin cycle on Sunday. All else OK then today Tuesday will not wash as well. Machine fills with water and drains water any body any ideas? I suppose I am a reasonably (in)competent bodger but would appreciate direction, apart from the local supplier to buy new machine. Thank you. Good site practical easy to navigate. Craywater.

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17 Oct, 2006

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Sounds like you have a broken belt or a bad motor. The easiest way to tell if the belt is bad is to reach inside the drum and turn it. If it turns very easily, you probably have a bad belt or something has caused the belt to jump off, such a s a loose pulley or bad bearing. If it feels like there is a good amount of resistance, or a kind of "winding up" noise, then the belt is still on and you likely have a bad motor. Also, you could just scoot the macine out, unplug it, and remove the back cover a look inside to see if the belt is still on the pulleys. Good Luck!
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