Embedded Dirt Finder green light won't come back on - stays red I've taken the bottom panel off and looked for blockages, following instructions in the manual, cleaned the brush roll, emptied the dirt cup and can't find anything. The vacuum still has suction and picks up dirt, but something starts to smell after a few minutes of vacuuming. I moved the sensitivity switch from Hi to Reg, and no change. The green light used to come on. I know my carpets didn't suddenly become filthy over night, honest. What can I try next? I

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12 Jun, 2017

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The dirt sensor is a motion detector. After it gets dirty it will either stay red or stay green. You can have the vacuum serviced at your local vac shop and possibly get this fixed. Sometimes they are as good as new and sometimes they are not repairable. It will not effect anything else though.
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