Oven not working properly Everthing about the range seems to be working properly, except the oven. When turned on, the burners do not produce a good flame, only one burner may be on, or it may be fluttering as if the gas is barely coming out. Both the igniters are glowing bright red. I can tap on the solenoid/valve from where the gas comes from at the bottom of the stove and affect the amount of gas for a moment. The effect resembles a plugged up gas line. Also the broiler does not get gas or starts every time, however the igniter is glowing bright red too. Sometimes it works and at times not.

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13 Oct, 2006

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It sounds like you may have a bad regulator. One thing you can try is lighting each of the surface burners one by one, and see if they get weaker every time you turn another one on. Also, after you light the oven try turning on the burners one by one again and seeing if it weakens or puts out the oven altogether. If the more things you turn on the weaker the flames get, then you probably have a bad or clogged regulator. Sometimes these jusyt go bad, but usually I seee this on a new install where the construction crews or installers get sawdust, debris etc in the line before they hook up the range and it gets caught in the regulator. These are usually not expensive, but can be difficult to change on some ranges. Good luck!
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