DRAIN BLOCKED WITH ICE -The refrigerator is a 2 door unit. -A day I discover that a constant water drop was falling for a cold air outlet in the fridge part(if I put a light there, I can see it in the frezzer true an isolated material) -Then I take of the elbow betwen the frezzer and drain line and with a mirror and light I can see an ice plug in the frezzer condensate outlet. -I let the fredge to defrosting one day and put to work again with god result, only a noise of the air mixer fan because have a little bit of ice, when the ice disappear, the noise too. -Buuuuutttt...one week later, again start to fall the same water drop, I put in a minor range the set dial and the water drop was stopped. -I think that something it's wrong yet because: -with the same food quantity I got to adjust the cold dial. -when you close the fridge door soft you apreciate that a negative pressure indoor pull the door and close more (think that before not hapen) -The fridge is run and stop normally right now like always during the failure inclusive. Thanks in advance.

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11 Oct, 2006

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It sounds like you need to install a drain heater. Sometimes these are available as a kit from a parts dealer, and sometimes you can just take a piece of bare solid copper or aluminium wire and put it a little ways down the drain, then wrap the other end around the defrost heater, so that when the fridge goes into self defrost, it keeps the drain warm so it does not freeze. The better way to do this repair though is to see if a drain heater is available for you model as a direct fit part. The other way is only to be used as a last resort. Good Luck!
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