It just starts and stops after few seconds ... Ok, we left home for a month without unfreezing it, so after we come back, we turned it off ... and from then, it just doesnot work ... the compressor starts to work and stops in a few seconds .... what can be checked ?

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It sounds like either the compressor is bad, or the overload and relay assembly mounted to the compressor is bad. The easiest way to determine which is to put an amp meter on the power wire to the compressor assembly. It should only read a few amps while running. If it reads excessive amperage, you have a bad compressor. If you do not have an amp meter, then you could just go get a start relay and overload from a parts store and try changing those parts, as they are much cheaper and eaiser than changing the compressor....just unplug it before messinfg around inside the overload cover on the side of the compressor! Good Luck!
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