Ice build up in bottom freezer and whant looks like an oil leak on the floor Hi, I woke this morning to find a dark black oil like fluid under my fridge, looks like it ran down the inside of the freezer door and pooled on the ground. Everthing seems cold enough, but there is quite a lot of ice building up in the freezer. Any idea what this could be from and if I should have someone look tat it? Thanks, Mark.

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You freezer sounds like the self defrosting function has failed. If the evaporater coil freezes up, it gets really cold, but the air in the top of the freezer gets warm, so you could have stuff towards the top of the compartment melting, while the bottom is super cold. The heating element, thermal limit switch, or the timer could be bad. I am not particularly familiar with this model, but most have a little timer motor mounted behind the toe kick somewhere that contrlos the defrost intervals. The timer sends power through the thermal limit switch, located on the inlet tube of the evaporater (coils that get cold in the freezer) and keeps the heater from over heating. This part is probably the most common failure. From the switch, power goes to the heater element, which is mounted directly to the evaporater. If the heater looks kind of like a bake element style (similar to what you'd find in the bottom of your oven) then its probably not bad. If its a glass tube style, then they fail more commonly. Hope this helps, good luck! P.S. this could all have been caused by a door left slightly ajar overnight too...if you think that may have happened, then just turn it off and leave the door open for a day or'll defrost and be fine!
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