Center Column is getting Hot The column/divider between the freezer and refrigerator sides is hot to the touch on the front. This is getting so hot, the magnets in the weatherstripping on the doors are getting hot, too. I am worried the whole thing is about to crash on us, fully loaded with food. We do need to change the filter, the light has been on for a couple weeks. What runs through the center colunm/divider?

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07 Oct, 2006

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The light for the filter is not a problem. The thing to check is that the fan in the back is running. It should run any time the compressor is running to cool the compressor. If it is, then you need to pull the front grille or toe kick off and look under the fridge. Is there a lot of dust and dirt blocking the airflow? If so, vacuum it out. If not, pull the fridge out and check behind it. Is there a grate clogged up with dust? The reason the divider gets hot is because there is a freon line running through that part of the fridge to keep moisture from forming around the door seals. If the fridge is not cooling properly (dead fan motor or dirt blocked airflow) then the freon in this line gets very hot and all the pressures in the system rise, eventually leading to the fridge not cooling. Good Luck !
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