How to replace motor belt on front load washer The belt that runs from the motor around the tumbler broke, I bought a kmew one but am having problems getting it to fit. Yes it is the right size belt,I checked that first. Is there some trick to this or some thing I'm not doing right. Any help you can give me would be great.

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07 Oct, 2006

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I'm not familiar with the particular model, but most of those front loaders there is a trick to getting the belt on. You put the belt auround the motor pulley first then the left side of the larger pulley. Put it on as far as you can get it to go, then hold it in place while you slowly rotate the big pulley clockwise. If you do it right it should "walk" the belt up ont the larger pulley and the tension should be about right assuming you havent moved any idler pullies or the motor. Good Luck!
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