Whirlpool Calypso Washing Machine The washing machine has a grinding / squeeking sound during the wash cycle? One time the machine stoped during the wash cycle and we got an F5 error code. We just started it over and from then on the clothes are coming out clean and all cycles complete, but I am afraid the sound may progress into something more serious. should I take some steps to fix the grinding / squeeking sound?

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05 Oct, 2006

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How old is this product? I have a friend who is an authorized whirlpool servicer, and they won't even work on them. Supposedly they are a bear to take apart, and have a very bad tendancy to flood. Check into it, but he tells me there is a class action lawsuit against whirlpool for these. This is 3rd hand information, so you will need to verify if this is true or not.
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