Loud humming noise as fridge is running My Samsung fridge is not yet a year old. It has started this loud humming noise while it is running. it varies how long this noise will go on, sometimes a few minutes other times a half hour. I flip the breaker to make it stop but ultimately it starts again. This happens many times in a day. I have opened the doors to see if the noise is loud inside the fridge and it seems to be coming from behind. There is a protective cover on the back so I can't see what is going on while the noise is present. Any suggestions?

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20 May, 2016

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According to the repairman who came from Sears to fix my samsung, there's nothing they can do. He said refrigerators have always started humming after a couple years but we just couldn't hear it before because it was well insulated. But you can't add insulation because it might cause the unit to overheat. So I guess I'm stuck with a 2 year old refrigerator that wasn't cheap that I now hate!
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