Washing machine When I turn my maytag on, it will not stop at the correct water level. It will ot shut off by itself. It overflows. I replaced the timer. Still the same thing. Replaced hose attached to water level. It shuts itself off when it is filling and I pull plug. It will spin out but will not agitate. It comes to an abrupt halt after it spins. Do I have more than 1 problem? Is the spin bearing trying to seize? I really need advice. I'm a do-it-yourself person and I can't find any solutions. Please help!

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03 Oct, 2006

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The water level problem has almost got to be a bad pressure switch (the part the little hose attaches to, usually seperate from the control board) as far as an abrupt stop to the spin, usually machines have a brake to them so they stop faster. If it will not agitate, check the plastic pulley on the bottom. It should slide upwards and engage a set of teeth when it spins one direction, and downwards when it spins the other way. If it is this pulley, they make a repair kit for it for around 30 bucks. Good Luck!
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