Blurred bands in prints My HP Deskjet 460 has been used very little even though it is over a year old (50 pages printed). When printing horizontal pages there are evenly spaced blurred areas in the text, approximately 1 inch apart. Upon close inspection it appears that the letters are being printed more than once, very close to each other, causing a general blurry effect. This also happens in verticle layouts, but to a much less degree. The text between these bands is sharp. I have cleaned the print cartridges, and the contacts. I have also alligned the print heads. My best guess is that it might be a paper feed problem--it happens with various types of paper--since it appears that the paper must be moving ahead in order to cause the double image effect. HP has not been able to suggest a fix. Thanks for any help you can offer.

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Try changing ink cartridge. Print only "grayscale" and if that happens, you need a black cartridge changed. If, not color
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