Machine drains and dial turns directly to S after filling with water. My Asko washing (W620) machine is 6 years old. When starting the cycle, the water fill happens. ~15 seconds after the water has finished entering machine, the dial begins turning and the machine drains. The dial lands on the "S" position and that is it. Another clue is the water that drains out the machine is stone cold. The "S" position in the manual gives no other troubleshooting instructions except call a service techincian. I'd rather save my pennies. My guess is that the heating element is not working. Upon finding the water is not reaching temperature for wash the machine defaults to "S" while draining. This assumes there is a temperature monitoring switch that tells the machine to begin wash. Can anyone confirm this for me or suggest another likely problem? -Wiebster

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24 Feb, 2007

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moe thasn likly you have a pressure switch that is either telling the machine its too full and making it drain or its not seeing the switch and so it drains. Another possibility ids the machine is leaking. Pull the lower cover off and make sure there is no water in the bottom. These askos have a float switch down there that will run the drain if the sense water leaking into the lower tray. Last but not least, you could have a bad timer. these timers are covered for 5 years (parts only) from date of installation. The first 4 digits of the serial # will tell yuo when the machine was made the firts 2 are the year and the second 2 are the week of that year (so a serial beginning in 0145 woul;d mean built in the 45th week of 2001 and so on. Good luck!
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