Loud Buzz I recently turned on my system after being off for 2 weeks for vacation. Now the subwoofer gives off an extremely loud low buzzing sound that seems near the max volume. I only leave the sound on for a second or less. I tried disconnecting the spearker inputs and it is still there.

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14 May, 2016

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Yes capacitors bulged or leaking , the most important thing is to clean anyway alsways the electric print if repair with new caps because if there was leaked capacitors the dielectric fluid can damage the brass circuits on the print .
If there are allways equipments thats powered on 24 hours a day there is 1 big problem and that is the missing Self-HEaling re- forming of capacitance in the capacitor and for a to long time and if the temperature was gone the for a time and the tolerance of the cd are very tight close to the max dc. then replace them allways a 10 volt higher if the size of the elco is permitting on the place.
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