Maxtor drive malfunction I brought my Maxtor drive home to back it up, but when I connected it, the green power light came on but the Firewire connect remained orange/yellow. Does not seem to want to "spin up" so that I can transfer data. Could it be simply (nothing in computers is simple) be a malfunction in the inside wire contact on the firewire connection inside the case? I know is it not the external firewire cable because I did try an alternate 1394 cable and it made no difference.

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11 Jun, 2017

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If it is a standard HDD inside the case then try removing it and fitting it inside a PC as a slave drive. If it works it is probably the circuitry of the housing that is at fault.

Matter of interest, if the HDD has been formatted and used with 64 bit software and the computer you are backing up is using 32 bit or vice-versa, it probably won't work.
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