Soggy Pucks & Portafilter retains water Saeco Via Veneto I own a Saeco Via Veneto I have owned it for a little over five months Lately, my espresso tastes lifeless. I have my espresso preground because I do not have a conical burr grinder. I store my espresso in a cool dark place, if I have it for than a week and a half I store it in the refrigerator. I have spoken with many Saeco reps, and Cafe West dist. reps, but none of them can pinpoint the problem. They claim that it may be the grind, or that the machine needs to be descaled. I doubt it is the grind because the grind I use has not changed and the espresso pucks used to come out tight and dry. I did descale the machine, but this has not helped. If it is not the grind, machine, or portafilter what is left? I would really appreciate any input becaue the machine is about to be out of warranty Thanks for any advice that is given

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14 Mar, 2017

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It sounds like you are short on water due to a blockage somewhere...either in the flowmeter or the group head. You might also have a faulty pump, and you're not getting enough pressure during the shot. If you're not getting crema, then it's most likely pressure related...shots will also have a burnt smell and very bitter taste.
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