Side by side Water does not come out of the door. Push it and water drains out the bottom from somewhere. Help Lynn

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Sounds like the tubing coupling isn't connected any longer or broken. At the base of the refer you can pull off the grille area. Look for the plastic tubing down there, they usually have a coupling device for the tubing that comes from the frige to the tubing that goes up the door hinge area. See if that coupling is still hooked up keeping the two lines together. You can also use a flashlight to see where the water is coming from if you have someone else push the dispensor lever while looking under the refer. If those lines are unhooked just press the tubing into the coupling as far as you can, they grab automatically. To release a tube (if ever needed) you press the little ring down on the coupling and that will release the tube so you can pull it off.
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