JVC HR-S9700 TAPE STUCKS, HAVE TO BE PULLED OUT, CASSETTE DOOR REMAIND OPEN,VCR SWITCHES OFF-CAN NOT BE PLAYED AGAIN Dear All, The tape suddenly jamms, the jvc hr-s9700 switches off, once I even could not eject it at all, had to open the cover and take it out.The cassette door remains open, cassette can not be inserted or played again. Happens for third time, the repair man ( in faraway different town, can't go anymore...have to repair it myself) said it is some sort of switch, which controls the tape mechanics, is the problem and needs replacement or cleaning. He did it last time, and after couple of hours play it stoped again.Managed to pull the tape out, the tape was not fully inside the cassette, door remains open. Opened the lid, can not find/do not know how the swich looks like to replace it or clean it. Also, where to get/download for free service manuals for jvc hr-s9700 ? Please, help !!! Thank you very much for your detailed answer and help !!!

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13 Mar, 2017

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Check out the drive that works the unloading and loading operation of your machine. Also check the switch that is activated by the presence of your cassette. If something is wrong with the latter, the tape will not load and unload properly. And under those circumstances your machine will not work.
Try Google search for your questions. You may get lucky and get the answers right there!
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