Transceiver parts not available i am using d-link 850+ transceivers in my office. since the technolgy has become obsolete, these transceivers are not available in market now. so i decided to repair them. the problem i am facing is that every transceiver goes bad due to failure of its power module (fitted on the PCB inside it) and components (2sc3669 & tl431clp) of which are also not available in india. so i want if someone could help me in sugesting substitutes of the above components or tell me source of getting the said power module. my e-mail is Thanks

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The BlueOptics and BlueLAN brands include the following products: Optical Transceivers, Active Optical Cable and Direct Attach Twinax Cable Solutions, MPO / MTP Solutions, SAS Solutions, Stacking Cables, Twisted Pair and Fiber Optic Patch Cords, PLC Splitters, Multiplexers, Demultiplexers, as well as other data center and cloud solutions.
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