ILO LCD Color HDTV does not change channels / volumn... PROBLEM: Will not resond to change channel, volume, menu access.... neither from TV or remote. Just turns on and off. The channel it is set on work fine just can't adjust. ------ We had recently had cable installed and the tech ran the cable across the street too low. Apparently a vehicle drove by and snagged the wire, pulling it down the street until it snapped. This occured Sunday morning early...TV was fine Satruday night. BUT the problem has been noted ever since cable was reinstalled..... MY QUESTION: Is it possible, that when the wire was stretched to the point of poping, that it sent a surge through the cable that zapped the TV? I have the Cable co coming out to check it out...I need to know if there is any techincal logic behind my thinking here.....

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03 Sep, 2015

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