Stopped consistently producing sound This 3 year-old Denon AVR1603 receiver has been trouble-free until recently. Now it's hit & miss whether it produces sound or not. I turn on the TV, then the Denon, route the TV sound through the Denon, and it may or may not produce sound. Stranger yet is that sometimes it waits 3-4 minutes before producing sound. I've seen the same behavior with DVDs and CDs. The Denon recognizes the input source and the cable it should be using, and recognizes the digital signal, but stops there. "Sometimes" I can get communication between the TV and Denon by unplugging and replugging the coax. I also discovered the cable from the subwoofer to the Denon was not making a clean connection, so I swapped it for a new cable. I have it hooked up to a Pioneer DV C503 DVD/CD Player, Scientific America Digital Cable box, a Mitsubishi HD-1080i TV, and a Niles SPS-4 speaker selection box. My surround sound speakers are Paradigm OM-100 with Paradigm center and subwoofer speakers. External speakers are routed through the Niles box. I'm using an optical audio cable to the DVD player and a Coax to the DVR. I've taken the receiver and coax to an authorized repair center, who tell me everything is working fine. I tell them I'm still having the problem, and they want me to break the system down and bring it all back to the shop. Any ideas would be appreciated. I'm stumped. Thanks in advance! Brian

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01 Mar, 2017

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Try plugging and unplugging a pair of headphones. The headphone jack in these receivers are flaky and sometimes think there are headphones hooked up even when there isn't. Full repair would require the headphone jack to be replaced. If you don't use headphones at all, you can take the top cover off and unplug the cable going to the headphone jack board and eliminate the problem that was as well.
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