Lights not working In an electrical storm, the halogen lights flashed a bright light then all went out. I have replaced the bulbs but that has made no difference. Power still comes into the unit and the fan operates. The switch for the lights indicates green yet the lights do not light. To me it appears to be the transformer for the lights has gone but I am not sure where the transformer is to remove and test it. I have removed the filter screens and can see the fan housings and a variety of components but none is obvious to be a transformer and I was hoping to avoid removing the entire interior electrical components to locate it. Can you help to identify what the possible problems could be and if it is the transformer - where is it and what does it look like? Thanks for your help.

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Either the light power supply or a board gone. Haven't worked on one of these for ages. From memory, they are a pain. Miele appliances are difficult to repair if you are not trained. You may have to drop the whole unit to get to the electronics. Not hard, just a pain.
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