Sony MVC-FD75 Camera won't accept floppy disk Camera is on; tried to insert a disk - it goes halfway in and stops. Thought I had it backwards, but didn't. Turned it over and tried again. It won't go in. I recharged the battery to the fullest extent, thinking it might be low and have something to do with the problem, then retried inserting the disk. That did not help either. Should I have a certain setting before I insert the floppy disk? What do you think the problem is? Everything worked fine until I turned it on the other night, touched something on the setting accidentallly as I was handling the camera; it beeped 3 times and I then turned it off. Type of disk I purchased is Memorex PC Formatted Diskettes

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01 Feb, 2016

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I tried all of the above because I had the same problem, I ended up snapping the back of the camera. (Broke it),
I bought my FD-91 for $1300.00 cash back when they 1st came out.
I've sold over $150,000 worth of guitars with this camera.
Some of the most Exotic Vintage were taken with this camera.
I'm going to Miss her. :(
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