Moldy smell in front load kenmore washer Three year old front load washer has moldy smell. It was fine for two yearsbut now I must keep the door open and run bleach through every two or three weeks. We have checked and cleaned all hoses and the tub and gasket help!!!!

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06 Jan, 2018

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the smell is from using to much detergent you shouldn't use more than two tablespoons,it coats everything inside the washer and builds up from using to much of it,if you take it apart and look at the drain hose you'll see that the hose was once white and now it's black coated with stinky detergent,or pull out the drain hose out of the stand pipe and rub your finger in the pipe or on the drain hose part that was stuck inside the pipe,most are covered with detergent,it coats the spider gear and eats at it like acid,it's made of soft metal,use two tablespoons and you won't have any problems,another way to check is start your washer and fill it with no clothes or soap,let it agitate for like five minutes,if you see foam in the water from the extra soap you've been adding you know you've been using to much
Appliance Parts Pros" advises that most basket spider corrosion and subsequent breakage is a result of using too much detergent combined with hard water. The site recommends using no more than a quarter cup of high-efficiency detergent and using water with a softness level of no more than two grains. Following these recommendations should result in a basket spider life expectancy of 12 to 15 years.
i use my finger as a guide,stick your index finger along side of the soap cup and draw a line don't fill it over that and you won't have any stinks or worry about damaging the spider gear.hope this helps whoever reads it
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