My sony receiver is stuck in protect This is the second time this has happened to my receiver, the first time it was under warranty. When I turn on the unit it clicks on and then a couple seconds later clicks and goes into protection mode. RThe unit is not really worth having it repaired, so I was wondering if anyone might know how to bypass the protection module. I dont care if the receiver blows up, as I will be upgrading within a year. Just hoping to get a little more use out of this unit. Thanks- Clayton Kirchhoff

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Make open the cover clean print and all solderings before resolder the active components and loose solderings if there are active components look for brown spots especially after a long time of use on the print there can be little problems to measure or components fuse resistors or other components with loose paws and Tighten the screws of all the transistors that are mounted on the heatsink a little bit because after a long time they become sometimes loose because of temp changes over the years
Some capacitors can over time become deformed especially in the lower voltage range in the power supply for who is searching for a manual here is and use some contact spray for connectors and potentiometers . AND especially measuring and boldly go forward!!! reed?
SONY STR DE597 VER1 0 SM Service Manual free download schematics eeprom...
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