Error Code "F76" Hi again, I had posted previously about this model, but listed the error code as "F74" by accident. There is no mention in the owners manual of any error codes except "F61". I've been everywhere on the net I can think of, but Panasonic is very protective of their tech. info, so I doubt anyone who hasn't worked for an authorized service depot will know what it signifies. I suspect it is the o/p stage of the amplifier, but as it only powers up for about 2 seconds before a relay clicks & the error code is displayed, (speakers connected or not), it is next to impossible to troubleshoot without the service manual, or at least knowing what that code means. Thanks BowerR64 & Techman for responding, if this corrected info sheds any light for anyone, please let me know. Thanks!

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10 Mar, 2014

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1.If unit powered up for short time comes message for short time "Wait"

Then error "F76" and unit totally turn OFF. Problem w/ Power Supply.

2.If unit doesn't turn OFF but on the display error "F76" may be AMP Board.

Turn OFF the unit, disconnect cable from main board to AMP board. Try now power ON.
If doesn't come more error "F76" it means doesn't work AMP.

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