Printer won´t work Why won´t my HP Printer work with my D-Link Print Server or Router?

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This is a solvable problem, but without more specific details about the problem, this will have to be a checklist.

- Check connections. Is it plugged into the wall? If connected by USB to the computer, make sure that is plugged in on both ends.
- Check network address if printing through network or wireless. The printer address and the address in the printer driver must match.
- Check supplies. Paper and ink or toner both installed correctly?
- Make sure the driver is installed correctly. Did it print a test page?
- Make sure printer is online. Some have a button that takes them offline for maintenance. It is easy to forget that.

If this doesn't fix the problem, then the best place to get a good response is from the HP Printer Repair Phone Number 1(844)355-5111.

HP Printer Support Phone Number 1 844 355 5111
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