Aiwa BMZ-K1 My aiwa system is currently not switching on. When i try to power on the system all that happens is the LCD backlight flickers on and a relay inside fires. The system then returns to being off and will not power up again for a few seconds. Is there anything that can be done to try to troubleshoot what is making the system not switch on. I have opened up all of the plastic surround and then opened the metal shielding inside. I can see the relay that is making the sound but apart from that the circuit board is huge so if i could narrow down the problem i would be much more likely to be able to fix it. Regards Ben

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Hello Ben. I have the exact same problem. Did you solve the problem? I notice that the power_monitor that comes from the power amp board to the main board has fluctuating -2V after I try to press the power/standby button . after fluctuating in the negative range it eventually returns to 2V and then I can try to power on again, but the same thing happens each time, the LCD backlight fires, relay clicks but the system goes back to standby
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