D40 Zoom and Camedia Software I make no pretensions towards being an avid/professional photographer - I just wanted a small/portable point-and-shoot digital camera which could take, to my eye, excellent photos with a minimum of fuss. I have a question about the Camedia Software which Olympus ships with their digital cameras. Apparently, the "Camera Settings" portion of the software is only compatible with cameras with a serial interface. The D40 is a USB/auto-connect camera and the Camedia Software basically treats the camera a simply a mass-storage USB device. Does anyone know if there is a way to get the software to recognize the camera, or if there are plans to modify the software in the future?

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03 May, 2017

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Hi Neta ben saadon
Installing the USB Driver for Windows 98
NOTE: A USB driver only needs to be installed if the computer is running Windows 98/98 SE.
If you have a Camedia Master 4.0 CD-ROM
1) Insert the Camedia Master 4.0 disc into your CD-ROM drive. A selection menu.
should automatically be displayed. If the menu does not start, go to Start>Run.
Type in d:\setup.exe where d: is your CD-ROM drive.
2) Choose USB Driver for Windows 98 from the selection menu.
3) Choose Continue at Install USB Driver for Windows 98.
4) Choose OK to reboot the computer.
If you do not have a Camedia Master 4.0 CD-ROM
1) Download the USB Auto-Connect Driver for Windows 98 from
2) Double-click the downloaded file to extract its contents. Type in a folder location of
your choice in the Extract to text box. For example: c:\windows\temp.
3) Using Windows Explorer, open the folder you noted in step 2. Double-click on the
install.exe file.
4) Choose Continue at Install USB Driver for Windows 98.
5) Choose OK to reboot the computer.
Found the above for you if its any help? If not then follow this link for further help and information for your product.http://www.olympusamerica.com/cpg_section/cpg_support_manuals.asp?id=712
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