Gmail suddenly freezes. Everything else works I recently upgraded to "GToogle Chrome" and the horror story began. I dumped Google Chrome and it was okay for 24-36 hours. Then every time I tried to go to gmail it would promptly load up the bar to about 99% leaving a thin white sliver at the end. I would leave it on for extended times but then after 4-6 minutes it would say it "has experienced a problem and needs to shut down." ::poof:: back to the screen - Only going to the older version works but now I can't find it. ********************************************** I HONESTLY BELIEVE "GOOGLE CHROME" HAS A VIRUS. ********************************************** gmail suddenly freezes. Everything else works except gmail. I was able to briefly reinstate by selecting "older version." But it quickly began freezing after processing only 3 emails. HELP!!!!!!!!!!

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14 May, 2017

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Maybe you did not download Chrome directly from Google?
Download the free version of Malwarebytes (Anti-Malware) from and install it; then run it (takes an hour or more) to see if it can locate and deal with any malware in your computer. Then uninstall Chrome, reboot. Finally go to and download genuine Chrome again. Install it, run it. Le's hope it works this time!
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