I have my pioneer djm 600 for about 5 years. I i have my pioneer djm 600 for about 5 years. I went to sell it the other day and turned it on. It worked perfectly except it was only playing through one speaker. I checked the speakers and they were fine. It just wont play through the left and there is a crackling sound aswell. what is the problem?

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22 Jan, 2017

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Yeah, i had the exact same problem and did what someone else said and clean the entire unit and all the pots and sliders. I took the entire mixer apart down to the main PCB board and put the case in the dishwasher. lol No, i cleaned with rubbing alcohol and used some electrical "no residue" spray cleaner and grabbed the wife's toothbrush and clean all of the pots and faders, then blew off any residue with compressed air. Now its like a brand new mixer! Thanks to this forum and the advice my mixer is in top shape!
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