What is the code for KM-3035 printer's scanner network card? We want to purchase scanner network card for Kyocera KM-3035 printer.But we can't find model number the network card.

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25 May, 2015

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The print board is a separate board with a different IP address to the scan board. If you just want to ONLY scan the NS-30 scan card is still available separately. Check Ali Express seller China Good Kyocera Parts Shop Code is 1503JR8KS0. It suits a variety of models from KM-3035 through KM-1650, KM-2050, KM-2630D, KM-6030, KM-8030. The ad says just for TA-181/221 however these boards are as old as the hills and have been in use for over ten years as exactly the same board.
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