No suction in carpet cleaning mode with Empower I have a Hoover Empower a little over a year old. Today I noticed it was not picking up anything. The brushes are turning, but I didn't feel any suction. When I disconnect the hose I feel the suction and when I put the stair/upholstery attachment on the hose, it picks up dirt. I checked the short tunnel between where the hose attaches to the vacuum and bottom of the unit and the tunnel is clear. Why would the suction work in the upholstery mode, but not in the carpet mode?

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12 Jun, 2017

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Check the nozzle . Turn it over on it's belly and remove the 4 screws that hold the base plate on. Take off the plate and remove the brushroll. I bet you will see a clog in the intake. If not take it to your local vac shop and let them fix it.
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