Have a 2006 pontiac torrent no eps have power and ground fuse is not blown cannot talk to it with scanner have had new ecm at dealer put in check engine light is on no codes. have checked wirie from pcm to module and all appar to ohm out fine and power and ground is present

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12 Jun, 2018

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eps ???? spell it out electric power steering (EPS) system ? The system uses the body control module (BCM), power steering control module (PSCM), torque sensor, discrete battery voltage supply circuit, EPS motor, serial data bus, and the instrument panel cluster (IPC) message center to perform the system functions. The PSCM, torque sensor, nor the EPS motor are serviced separately from each other or from the steering column. Ant EPS components diagnosed to be malfunctioning requires replacement of the steering column assembly, also known as the EPS assembly.
The scan tool won't communicate with what ? The power steering control module , BCM or PCM/ECM .
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