1985 Kawasaki ZL900 clutch will not disengage my Kawasaki zl900 clutch won't disengage only will go into first gear and lunges and dies @

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28 May, 2018

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Hi, Chris and the usual suspects are:
1. Clutch not properly adjusted.
2. Clutch plates rusted together.
3. Hydraulic clutch needs bleeding.
4. Faulty clutch slave cylinder.
5. Faulty clutch ramp mechanism.
6. Broken clutch rod
7. Clutch pack loose on the main shaft.
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Clutch will not disengage
Have clutch pressure but wont disengage V4MuscleBike com Kawasaki ZL900 ZL1000 Eliminator Motorcycle 1985 1987 Service Repair... $18
OEM Parts for Kawasaki
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