Hi I'm currently being told by a mechanic that in my 2001 Mitsubishi gallant that I'm having an issue with a 20a fuse that keeps blowing and is also telling me that this fuse gives power for like major things he said that one fuse has ignition , radiator,ac and there all connected to the 1 fuse and that he has to take everything apart to find the short in the wire. could there be that many components on 1 fuse and are there really no tools to go over the wires to tell if there get power or not? Please desperately need a honest opinion cause I don't have a good feeling about this mechanic and being a girl they try to jerk me around and get over on me.this car is all I have at the moment and very important as we are trying to rebuild after hurricane Irma. Thanks

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23 May, 2018

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Try unplugging the components that the fuse supplies power to one at a time, the list of items is in the owner's manual, when the fuse stops blowing you have the circuit that is shorted.
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